Wenqi Li is a New York based front end developer and creative technologist & consultant. He is interested in the expressive, artistic and critical aspects of web technology and using it in installations and live performance. His works blend programming, data, connected devices, and projection/lighting to push the boundaries of digital experience. He is currently a Creative Front End Developer at WIREWAX. Previously he was a research resident at Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

  • New York University, 2016 - 2018
    Master in Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)
  • Peking University, 2013 - 2016
    Master in Software Engineering
  • Wuhan University, 2009 - 2013
    Bachelor in Literature
  • Creative Developer, May 2019 - Present
    WIREWAX, New York, US
    Design and develop two core web applications, Studio platform(web editor for interactive videos) and interactive video player, to assist our users in creating interactive video content, campaigns, tutorials, streaming video, etc. Daily tasks include:
    - implementing interactive video editing logic and user interface
    - designing and developing interactive layers on top of HTML5 video playback
    - refactoring hotspots, overlays, time triggers, and metrics system for better performance and experience
    - integrating with third-party service providers, including streaming media services, web tracking systems
    Coding reusable components, motion graphics, and responsive and cross-device compatibilities
  • Research Resident, Jul 2018 - Jul 2019
    Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York, US
    - Full stack and web development o​f web application, interactive data visualization, connected devices and open source tools. Used for commercial service, art installation, and live performance.
    - Beta launched and implemented web accessibility ​for p5.serialcontrol.
    - Designed, developed and exhibited​ interactive web-empowered installation projects, ​Dream Computing Experiments (Shanghai, 2018),​ ​Clothesline (New York,2018),​ and ​DataSim Hallway (Marriott Headquarter, Bethesda, 2019).​
    - Assisted students and professors​ ​with weekly office hours, front end development, Github workshops.
    - Organized Tech X Performance meetup, teach creative tech workshops, and co-produced NIME(New Interface for Musical Expression) Show
  • New Media Director, Sep 2017 - Present
    Path New Music, New York, US
    - Collaborated with artists to create interactive web canvas visualization for experimental live performance, ​Simulacrum (new media opera, 2018).
    - Developed MIDI / DMX control application and immersive projection space.
    - Presented at the 3LD Art & Technology Center. The sold-out show was featured on B​roadwayworld​, Icareifyoulisten​, and S​chmopera.​
  • Residency, Mar 2018 - June 2018
    3LD Art and Technology Center, New York, US
    - Presented the multimedia opera Simulacrum based on an original play entitled Loved for Parts by Marianna Staroselsky, which was featured on Broadwayworld, Icareifyoulisten, and Schmopera
    - Collaborated with composers and the librettist to create interactive visuals for live performance
    - Built large scale immersive projection mapping stage
  • Front-End,
    React, Redux, JavaScript/TypeScript, Scss / CSS in JS, Jest, Webpack / Parcel, Babel, ES6
    WebSocket, WebRTC, Web Audio
    Web Accessibility, HTML5/CSS3,
    with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Serial API, Electron, Git
  • Graphic Libraries,
    three.js, p5.js, PIXI.js, D3.js,, Mapbox
  • Creative Technology, proficiency with computational media and projection mapping
    TouchDesigner, MadMapper, Isadora,
    Processing, Max/MSP, VDMX5,
    OSC, Syphon, MIDI, Bluetooth
    Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Eagle, PCB Design, Vectorworks
    Unity, Kinect / RealSense, 3D Scanning
Exhibitions and Performance

Collab, Bushwick, New York, US, Jun 21st - 23rd.
Clothes Lines, in collaboration with Judy Lieff and Gail Bennett

Marriott International Headquarter, Bethesda, US, permanent installation.
DataSim Hallway, in collaboration with Roi Lev and Clay Budin

Largo São Francisco de Paula, 34, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil, Jan 25th
Infinity Game, at Demo Day do XRBR, in collaboration with Vanessa Rosa and Veronica Natividade

China Overseas International Center, Shanghai, China, Oct 1st - Nov 30th
Dream Computing Experiments, at Daydream Exhibition curated by CrowdArt

New York Hall of Science, New York, US, Sep 22nd - 23rd
Artificial Frequency, at World Maker Faire 2018

White Box Gallery, New York, US, Jul 8th – 14th
Artificial Frequency, at Liminal Instruments curated by Marco Guarino

3LD Art and Technology Center, New York, US, June 8th - 10th
Simulacrum, presented by Path New Music

NYC Media Lab, New York, US,  June 7th - 8th
Metron Busker, at Fake News Horror Show curated by Justin Hendrix

ITP Spring Show 2018, New York, US, May 15th - 16th
Metron Busker

Riese Lounge, New York, US, May 4th
500 days of Venmo, at Honey, I Turned The Poems Into A Recurrent Neural Network curated by Allison Parrish

Pioneer Works, New York, US, Apr 8th
Ethnocomputing Experiments, at Second Sunday April, in collaboration with Vanessa Rosa

ITP Winter Show 2017, New York, US, Dec 17th - 18th

Babycastle Gallery, New York, US, Dec 17th
Admin and Pop up Synth, at Frequency Sweep curated by Aarón Montoya-moraga

LittleFields Venue, New York, US, Dec 3rd
Admin, at New Interface for Musical Expression curated by Greg Shakar

Faculdade de Arquitetura de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal, Oct 30th
Infinity Game, at Design and Computation Group, in collaboration with Vanessa Rosa and Veronica Natividade

Kimmel Center, New York, US, Oct 25th
Pop up Synth, at NYU World Tour Pop-up Gallery

New York Hall of Science, New York, US, Sep 22nd - 24th
Pop up Synth, at World Maker Faire 2017

Babycastle Gallery, New York, US, Aug 3rd - 30th
Infinity Game, at Infinity etc., in collaboration with Vanessa Rosa and Veronica Natividade

ITP Spring Show 2017, New York, US, May 16th - 17th
Pop up Synth

ITP Winter Show 2018, New York, US, Dec 18th - 19th
Alaska, in collaboration with Shivanku Kumar

Workshops AND Curation

Unconference 2019, New York, US, Jan 24th - 26th
In collaboration with Jenny Lim, Koji Kanao, Yeseul Song and Jasmine Soltani

New Interface for Musical Expression 2018, Paperbox, New York, Dec 9th
Assistant Producer, in collaboration with Hayeon Hwang, Ari Melenciano, curated by Greg Shakar

Tech X Performance Meetup, ITP, Vol 1 - 2, New York

Projection Mapping Workshop, ITP, New York

Github Workshop Vol 1 - 2, ITP, New York

Performative Avatar and future personal assistant, Tencent, Shenzhen
Invited by Tencent SNG Voice ACG Assistant Team

ITP Camp Counselor, ITP Camp, New York

Projection Mapping Workshop(with p5.js), ITP, New York

Squarespace workshop, ITP, New York