Wenqi Li

Welcome, friends! I hope you like my work!
Your curiosity lead you to this page, so it’s time to show you my curiosity ;P

During my years at ITP, my curiosity keeps driving me to explore different areas. I’m well prepared for using them in my work and I believe in the future knowing:

“How to use Python to process text”,
“How to do 3D scan and use VR engine”,
“How to process data in an artitic way”,
“How to design for specific group”,
“How to fabricate product”

will contribute to my creative production!

(The list is haphazard and poorly curated. I’m still immigrating the posts. The following links will lead you to my old site.)

CATEGORY: Programming

TOOLS: JavaScript, Python

RNN Peom
404 Page Generator
You have enough company judging you in the Subway
Geo Nostalgia

CATEGORY: Virtual Reality & 3D

TOOLS: Unity3D, Unreal, THREE.JS, 3D Scan, Photogrammetry

Cave of Light
Rain Of Cheery Blossoms
Earth Cancer
100% Pure Plastic - A Self Portrait


TOOLS: Design research, UI/UX design, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch

Emoji Night
Human Body Signals

CATEGORY: Fabrication and phisical prototyping

TOOLS: Laser cutting, 3D print, Eagle PCB design & Fabrication, CNC, hand tools

Tripod obsession
(👆 This one is very entertaining)
Wooden Floater
Water Ink Record
Music Breaker PCB