Admin is an instrument and sound installation. Based on the research of sound making, it presents an exploration using data as sound object and giving/depriving access(plug/unplug) as playing technique.

Performance Info


New Interface for Musical Expression
Dec 3rd, 2017


Frequence Sweep #1
Dec 17, 2017

Admin uses facial recognition data, web audio together with custom circuits to create glitch sound. The reaction of audiences, surveillance data flow, and acting are integrated into the performance to mirror the interdepend rivalry of human being and the surveillance system. 

The audio jack plug/unplug guestures are inspired by Martin Messier's field. The powerful guestures of pluging in and pulling out, when applying to human body, will become a sufferring and struggle expression for both physical body and emotion.

Admin comes with an Electron application (Web Audio, Tone.js, Nexus.js, web RTC, DOM glitch library and to produce visual backdrop during the performance. it's an AV system for data processing, audio mixing, digital modulation, video mapping, and performance cues delivering.