Alaska is an interactive kinetic data sculpture that mimics the melting and freezing of Alaska glaciers. It responses to visitors' breathing and blowing interactions and destroys itself. When visitors absent in the room, it will start to build up and get back to the original position slowly.

Team: Shivanku Kumar, Wenqi Li

Show Info

ITP winter show 2016

Dec 18 - Dec 19, 2016

For this project, Shivanku and I found John Brown's photography while we were doing research. The amazing landscape lead us to focus on Alaska’s Glacier Bay. It is home to over 100,000 glaciers, 95% of which are currently thinning.

Panorama of the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet at dawn, John Brown

"How obvious and directly related to human action does the impact of climate change have to be, for people to finally understand the gravity of the situation?"

The CO2 cause the glaciers melting is exactly the type of gas we breath out mostly. The CO2 we breath out is 95 times than the environment. Climate change has been a difficult challenge and people are struggling about the balance of development and climate protection. The effect will never be erased only if people are extinct.

Climate change has been accepted as the greatest threat to the existence of humans on planet earth. While there are still some deniers of this extensively proven fact whats more concerning is the apathy of the ones who do accept it. The attitude is clear, unless a storm comes to my doorstep, I will not care. This attitude is present in all of us and is fatal for all of us.

Nothing seems to have a lasting impact. Our project makes no such attempt. Our idea is not to try another way of making people understand. Instead, our project is an attempt at cynicism and mockery of the short sighted attitude described above.