As the DreamSpace Technology Team, our mission is to visualize real-time data in an informative and, most importantly, creative way. We focus on creating this installation to convey the experience of physical and virtual connectivity. When passing a stranger in the hallway, the physical movement is translated into a virtual representation, thus forming the ever-evolving digital web based installation.

These encounters in virtual web space evoke interactions between people in real life and help them become aware of their surroundings.

Creative Team: Marriott Innovation Lab, Client; GRAFX & DreamSpace, Digital Agency; Wenqi Li, Web Developer

*Github and source code will be available after official launch.


Marriott International Headquarters
10400 Fernwood Rd,

Bethesda, MD, US


Preview video, please contact at for password

The dynamics are physics-based, simulating a fluid world of real-time data. While moving through the hall, the virtual generative agents travel around the interactive globe, made from point clouds surrounding the Marriott logo. Both the globe map and Marriott logo are fully interactive, making this mesmerizing to watch and fun to play with.

While designing the prototype, we aimed to make it as scalable and dynamic as possible. We used the Unity game engine for interactivity and depth sensors, allowing us to detect and track people in almost any environment. Using an array of these devices we transformed the entire hallway into an interactive space that can generate an infinite amount of data graphics based on anyone's movements.

The visuals are made as a web application, which allows us to quickly scale the project to work cross platforms or display on non-traditional surfaces. It can be projected on walls, mapped on objects or buildings, LED screens or our smartphones.