Simulacrum is a chamber opera combining new music, contemporary dance, interactive projection mapping, and site-specific stage. Simulacrum is based on the original play Loved for Parts by playwright/librettist Marianna Staroselsky from Columbia University. It centers around dialogues between a woman's disabled leg and her bionic leg. The opera is divided into six scenes written by six different composers: Longfei Li, Yangzhi Ma, Peter Kramer, Meng Wang, James Diaz, and guest composer Reiko Füting.

Cast: Lucy Dhegrae (Lydia); Nathaniel Sullivan (Elias); Nina Dante (The Stump)

Creative Team: Arthur Makaryan, director; Wenqi Li, new-media director; Evita Zacharioglou, choreographer; Margaux Maeght, set designer


New York Premiere (Broadway World)
Friday, June 8, 2018, 8:00 PM - Sunday, June 10, 2018, 8:00 PM
3LD Art and Technology Center
New York, NY, US

3-Legged Dog Media & Theater
March 28 - June 8, 2018

“The abstraction of one man’s production from another’s makes work more and more mechanical, until finally man is able to step aside and install machines in his place.”— Hegel
The main character is struggling with the loss of her leg and the acceptance of a new prosthesis. It explores the fragile line between the organic and mechanic.

Photo by: Pierre Lidar

"Lucy Dhegrae kept up with the opera’s fierce pacing and was convincingly agile in her response to the Arthur Makaryan's abstract, grinding and highly charged direction. Dhegrae displayed impressive vocal control in a variety of challenging physical positions. Much the same can be said for Sullivan who handled the staccato vocal effects and obsessive gestures with impressive strength and precision." -- SCHMOPERA


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